There are two types of Marseille soap: green Marseille soap and beige Marseille soap. Both types are saponified in cauldrons following the same method, by our master soap-maker. The difference between the two concerns their composition in terms of plant oils. Our green soap is made from 70% olive pomace oil for its nourishing properties and 30% coconut oil for its lathering properties. The beige cube, however, is composed of 20% palm kernel oil and 80% palm oil (both sustainable and RSPO certified). We have used these oils, historically imported from the French colonies, for over 200 years. These ingredients improve the solidity of the soap, making it more practical to use. Both soaps (green and beige) are recommended both for personal cleansing and household cleaning (floors, etc.). 

Our Marseille soaps are not organic. However, we would like to point out that they are composed of 100% ingredients of natural origin. We are currently in the process of having our ‘Cosmos Natural’ soaps certified by the organic certification organisation Ecocert, a benchmark authority in environmentally friendly cosmetics.

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